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Virtual reality rentals for your next trade show, conference, brand activation, carnivals, private parties, teambuilding, etc.

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Prototyping and
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Fulfilling enterprise development requirements with our VR expertise including multiplayer networking and data analytics.

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About Ignite VR

IGNITE VR is a Virtual Reality company specializing in
conceptualizing, designing, setting up and operating
temporary and permanent physical spaces to showcase Virtual Reality experiences.

Roy Koo

Co-Founder | VR Evangelist

Deep diving into Virtual Reality since 2015, Roy is always exploring new VR concepts as he believes VR has the potential to converge industries.
Roy currently likes to snowboard but he can only do it once a year in real life, he chases the day where VR can feel like the real thing.

Mohd Muhaimin

Co-Founder | Chief of Operations

Better known as Moo, he's the one that ensures everything runs like clockworks so that he got more time to lepak! Moo was the store manager for our old VR arcade and is now currently managing all events operations.
Moo happens to be easily prone to motion sickness, so if he can play VR, you can too.

Mervyn Yee

Head of VR Development

Mervyn joined Ignite VR as an intern VR developer 2 years ago when the company first started the game development department and has matured over the years to become the key person in Ignite VR for developing multiplayer and modular VR content. Breakdance is one of Mervyn's past time.

Our Focus


At IgniteVR, we believe that the virtual space will be a game changer in many aspect of human activities,
and we are committed to being part of this change.
As such, our services are geared towards exposing the masses to the possibilities of VR,
by providing immersive experiences along with informative discussions.


Games are our roots, and we hope to welcome the masses into the world of VR through entertaining and immersive experiences


Immersion is nothing without creation – and educating the next generation of developers and designers can help push the current limits of VR


By collaborating with event organisers and spaces, we are extending our reach to the masses, and making the experience more accessible


We are always up for experiments into the possibilities of VR, and aim to be the industry experts in developing VR solutions

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There are different VR booth types for different use cases.
From seated cinema viewing, to single player attractions and multiplayer arena showcases,
we can help you to create an immersive and wow experience for your event and participants.
We provide a full range of services from conceptualization to design, setup and execution.

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Our Recent Projects


Riding on our expertise in the building and maintaining VR technologies,
we have embarked on a number of projects that incorporate
hardware, software and experience development. 

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IgKnight Food Fight

A multiplayer game of throwing food at each other designed for high throughput of 100 players per hour.

IgKnight Golf Defender

Using golf mechanics and magic, defend against demonic invaders by swinging your golfhammer at cannonballs to hit them.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Legal spray painting, without fumes and with multicolors and decals stamping. No VR headset needed!

Golf Mini-Competition

Play golf in VR using a modified golf club for the best haptic experience. Choose either distance or points mode.

Umrah VR Walking Simulation

Walk around the Kaabah in life size to simulate performing the Tawaf ritual in VR. This can help training and familiarization before performing the actual ritual in Mecca.

UNDER THE SEA! For Pediatric Anesthesia

A VR app showing underwater scenery with special gameplay mechanics for distraction therapy during children undergoing anesthesia.

Our Clients

“The game station has indeed enhanced the event experience for our guests.

Saw WeiliCitrix Communications

“Ignite VR delivered an enjoyable and authentic VR experience to the SMU community. Fantastic!”

KennySingapore Management University

“It has been a great pleasure working with IgniteVR again. Thank you for the assistance provided throughout, from the pitching stage all the way to pre event testing and eventually the event execution. We are very happy with the service by both Roy and Moo, for their professional advice and responsive replies to our queries. We will definitely choose to work with them again should there be opportunities.

Wacleus ChinTwist Media

“The team at Ignite VR is professional and passionate. I’m extremely satisfied to invite Ignite VR to our school event. Our students have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for such an amazing VR experience.”

Vanessa LowManjusri Secondary School

“It has truly been my honour to have the opportunity to work with Ignite VR for this event and it was a huge success. The smiles that hang on the faces of the participants is something no money can buy. Thank you so much in bringing the applause. As quoted by my client, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Without everyone, we can’t deliver much over to the presentation.”

Vincent KongElite A.V.E. Productions

For event enquiries, if the event details are fixed, we will contact you within 24 hours with a quotation.

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General Enquiries

For business enquiries email us at [email protected]