IGNITE VR was created in 2016 which is the year of VR.

Initially just created by Roy to document and share information about Virtual Reality, IGNITE VR grew together with the opportunities provided by this emerging industry with friends and partners.


IGNITE VR commits to its mission to spread awareness of Virtual Reality technology and educate on the possibilities of using VR.


Our vision is to help create worlds where virtual reality is able to surpass the limits of the world we live in.


We write articles on this blog to educate newcomers to Virtual Reality, to cover events, do reviews on virtual reality hardware and software, and also offer some humble commentary on what we think about different topics and issues in VR.

We work closely with the developing community to always bring cutting-edge information to everyone and also offer services to help support the VR ecosystem. IGNITE VR is part of the organizing committee in ASIAVR Association which is one of the largest and most active VR meetup group in the region with monthly meetups.

We provide support services to people and companies who wants to learn about VR or wants to develop content or solutions in VR or plan events with a VR element. This is done through:

  • Setting up a VR booth for presentation or entertainment
  • Events Coverage and Software/Hardware Reviews
  • Build VR Ready PC/ Rental of VR Equipment
  • Consultation and Solutions Development Services (for Games and Education)

We operated a Virtual Reality Arcade to let anyone in Singapore have access to high end Virtual Reality everyday at a central location at Marina Square from Dec 2016 to May 2017.  We are currently working on a new VR Arcade(s).

And of course, to ignite dreams and deliver fire to your passion in Virtual Reality.