Longbow – Singapore’s First VR Sports Tournament

Singapore’s First VR Sports Tournament brought to you by IGNITE VR Arcade!

We are competing on our favourite archery game LONGBOW! Since ancient times, archery has been a favourite among all cultures. From Cupid (Mythology), to Robin Hood, Legolas and Katniss in Books, Hawkeye and Green Arrow in Comics, Hanzo and Aloy in Games, these characters all use the same weapon, the Bow and Arrow. Somehow there is a beauty in using this ranged weapon, from pulling the arrow from the quiver to aligning it on the bow and taking aim at the opponent and then watching the arc of the projectile as it flies towards its target.

This May we shall see who is the best in archery in Virtual Reality! Read on for more details!

VR Longbow how to join


Registration Period: 26 April 2017 to 16 May 2017
Registration fee: $15
Benefits: Complementary IGNITE VR Gift Card worth $18 + Entitled to play LONGBOW during the weekdays before Finals at $1 per quick play (U.P. $3 per quick play)

Finals (19th May 2017)

Finals Selection Criteria: Top 20 players with highest wave count recorded during the registration period

Finals Competition Details:
1) Round 1: Speed Round
Fastest 10 archers to complete 8 waves of LONGBOW will proceed to the Winner Pool. Others proceed to Revival Pool.

2) Round 2: Score Round
Top 4 Best score (Winner Pool) from 16 waves of LONG BOW will proceed to Round 3.
Top 1 Best score (Revival Pool) from 16 waves of LONG BOW will proceed to Round 3.

3) Round 3: Endurance Round
Highest Wave Count to win the competition.

Prizes: TBA
There will be goody bags for all TOP 20 competitors.

Tips for improving in Longbow!

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