Game of Thrones VR Experience

So here we are at HBO’s Game of Thrones exhibition at Ion Orchard B4.
You get to take pictures while sitting on the iron throne or in front of a green screen that puts you beside a dragon and finally you get to experience a virtual reality ride up the 700 feet wall.



So I came twice in the morning at 10am when it just opened where there is absolutely no queue at all and another time in the evening when the queue gets up to 2 hours long. Also you get priority queue if you are a starhub subscriber.


The queue at 10am



TheĀ Ascend the Wall VR experience!

First you step into one of the 5 telephone booth that is sort of a small elevator shaped. There are an assistant for each booth. They will help you put on the Oculus DK1 and adjust it properly before putting on the headphones. Considering that most people is having their first VR experience, they take great care to ask about if we have a fear of heights or motion sickness before we put on the headset. Clear instructions was given to turn around when they tap you on the shoulder and not to freak out when you see a white screen which signals the end of the experience.

After all these preparations, your journey begins as the door closes and the elevator rises up the wall and you see the soaring snowy white landscape as you go higher and higher. You hear and feel cold winds blowing at you throughout the experience which i think is quite a cool feature as it makes it super immersive even though im sure it is even colder at the wall. And you can hold the bars on the booth if you are wobbly so its quite visceral.

When you reach the top of the wall, they will tap you on the shoulder and you turn around before you start moving forward out of the elevator on to the top of the wall. You will walk to the edge of the wall and look down the 700 feet of it. Then arrows start flying at you from a distance that you feel like dodging and one will strike you in the chest and cause you to fall to your doom or actually whiteness.

And here ends your watch. (For non game of thrones fan. This is a reference to the people called Night’s Watch who defend the wall.) Watch out for the next post analyzing the setup for the system so that you can recreate it yourself or do something similar!

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