Where to learn VR development

Where to learn vr development

Currently there are 5 courses I know that specializes in teaching Virtual Reality related development skills. This page will be kept updated to add new schools and courses related to VR.

1) MAGES Institute of Excellence is a private institution in Singapore that provides professional training for people who wants to enter the media, animation and gaming industry. Their upcoming new professional certification courses that is starting in June 2016 and July 2016 focus on VR (Serious games using VRInteractive environments: A VR/AR Approach)

Most important of all, you can get up to 90% MDA grant (subjected to t&c) and also use skillsfuture to fund your tuition fees. So its almost free!

2) VR Dev School offers a series of online courses by Lee Wasilenko. There are 4 free mini courses teaching about VR development for Cardboard, Gear VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift which are basically all of the common HMD used at the moment.

There is also a full Unity VR development course that is priced at $297.

3) Make school offers a summer academy course that is 8 weeks long and has 30 spots only. It is not a beginners course but more recommended for software or game developers with at least 2 years of programming experience.

Price for the course is whopping USD10000 and the location of the course is at San Francisco but Make School is coming to Singapore so maybe they will do one here as well in the future. Do note that the fees include an Oculus-ready gaming PC, a Gear VR headset, and a Samsung phone to take home after completing the course. And they claim that last year 40% of their students received a need-based scholarship.

4) Ben Tristem teaches online udemy courses in game development using Unity3D and Unreal Engine both of which supports VR well, 3D modelling using Blender which is a free software so you don’t have to fork out extra money for 3D modelling software like Maya and 3DMax and finally of course a beginner course dedicated to making games in Virtual Reality.

Price ranges from $30 to $80 per course but there are always discounts (first time students get 30% and there is a great bundle on The Next Web that offers 3 courses for 24.99 USD.

5) Giochitech is an education centre in Selangor, Malaysia and they offer diploma courses  in 3D Multimedia Game Art and Animation and in Diploma in 3D Multimedia Interior Design. Both come with a virtual reality module add-on which is taught by a Shanghai lecturer who have experience in creating VR content.

The full course fee for either of the diploma is RM36000 and take a year.

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