Deconstructing the Game of Thrones VR experience

The Game of Thrones VR experience may be quite fascinating for anyone trying VR for the very first time. But for anyone who has been in the community for some time will know that it is an outdated product (the VR headset used is an Oculus DK1 which was released in 2012 and 2 more versions have been released since) that you can nowadays recreate easily and cheaply.

img_20160408_004144.jpgWhat you need:
1) Samsung Gear VR + compatible Samsung phone
2) Fan
3) Game of Thrones 360 video

In my previous article about the Ascend the Wall experience, you will notice that there is no interactive features involved other than the head tracking to look around. There is no positional tracking that you can find in the newer Oculus and HTC Vive or the hand controllers in Vive and the future Oculus touch. In fact it is simply a 360 video that you can find many examples on facebook, youtube360 or other video websites.

Hence any mobile vr (mobile phone + vr attachment) will be sufficient to support it. We use Samsung Gear VR as an example here as it is the best mobile VR experience to date due to the powerful phone processor and the equally impressive VR headset. But you can just use any phone with a Google Cardboard (about $10).

One special feature about the VR experience is that there is cold wind blowing at you as you rise up with the elevator. Aircon or a fan blowing at you will be able to achieve the same effect.

So there you have it. Experience the Game of Thrones VR at home if the video is ever released.

What does this implies? It is easy to create immersive VR experience and we will see more of these examples used in marketing in thr future.

To those people who have only tried this version of VR, watch out for more news on or the facebook page as we bring to you a chance to experience more immersive VR content with the latest hardware and software.