Ignite what?


Why is this VR blog created?

If you think that this is the same blog that will throw up every single article, news, gossip, whisper on the web about virtual reality, there are many other website that do that. Just search “VR News” and you can find about 4 or 5 good ones which I read regularly.

No this blog is more about personal insights on the VR scene and happenings in the world as well as in the local scene in Singapore and maybe in Asia as well. All these are from the perspective of a VR technology enthusiast, a wannabe VR entrepreneur, a VR gamer, and a VR developer.

There will not be more than an article a day, there is no need to check it hourly. Sometimes it may be some random idea that I dream of that I wish someone will make into a game. Sometimes it may be a world exclusive hands-on about a VR game or app that someone local is producing.

But whatever it is, it will definitely be my honest thoughts and views that will perhaps make you excited about VR and you may want to comment below! Or you could be feel that my ideas are wrong and argue about it with me.

I dunno if 2016 is really gonna be the year of VR but for me it definitely will be a lot of exploration and discovery! Join me and follow and share this blog to tag along with me. Let’s bring VR into the awareness together!

(Featured Image by normalityrelief) (CC-BY-SA)