Singapore First VR Cinema at Cathay Cineleisure


Right smack at the entrance of Cathay Cineleisure is this really eye-catching booth that is Singapore First VR Cinema. You can’t miss it if you go to watch a movie or go eat something at Cine. It kinda looks stupid when you watch people playing it but once you try it yourself, it is actually a unique experience that is quite different from the other cinema in the building.

ForVR cinema 2 a price of $12 or $10 if you get the $2 discount coupon from the First VR Cinema Singapore Facebook Page, you get to play a ride on this virtual reality motion simulator.

You will sit in this egg like cockpit and put on a VR headset to play the game. There are two joystick that allows you to shoot at enemies that you aim by turning your head to look at them. There are speakers at the side of the cockpit so there is no need to wear headphones which can be quite troublesome to put on from my previous experience at the science centre.

Oh and the seat is quite comfy with armrest and a fan to blow at you to keep you cool which is quite thoughtful.

There are a total of 12 games which were all about 10 minutes each.

  1. Roller CoasterIMG_20160109_184334.jpg
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. Dungeon Rampage
  4. Future Terminator
  5. Zombieland
  6. Zombie
  7. Snowy Christmas Eve
  8. Violet Dancing Girl
  9. Spiral Mountain
  10. CJ7
  11. Thunder Fighter
  12. A Wondrous Underwater Journey

I was recommended by the person operating to try future terminator and zombieland.

VR cinema 3You can’t control your movement in the game, only the shooting, so it is more like a rail shooter like Time Crisis series. When you move or get hit in the game, the base of the simulator will vibrate or move the cockpit to provide some haptic feedback.

In Future Terminator, I was shooting at terminators and flying machines on foot and on a tank as it moves around the city. The storyline is not really that important as I was just focusing on taking down all of them.

In Zombieland, basically you wake up in a hospital and pick up a gun and touchlight before finding that it is full of zombies. It might be slightly scary at first as the zombies start popping up everywhere and attack you, especially the female nurse with the syringe. Just squeeze your trigger and fire away.

The rest of the games may be similar in that you face different things to shoot at like dinosaurs or monsters. There are also some that are less interactive where you just look around and enjoy the underwater world or sit on a roller coaster.

Worth the $12? Yup! Especially since the consumer version of the VR headset coming out this year will not be cheap.

All in all, I would say that this is a unique experience that can be quite fun to try once or twice. The games might not be the top quality games that you expect from AAA titles but they provide a glimpse of how VR games can be better in the future in terms of the immersive experience. The haptic feedback can be too excessive though and make you nauseous if you are not comfortable with jerky movements.

For more information about the hardware, check it out at Virtual Reality Simulator 9D Virtual Cinema By LongZe