Intro to VR workshop

Intro to Virtual Reality is an introductory class at General Assembly by Lionel Chok


Lionel has been working in the media and content industry for more than 20 years and started his deep dive into Virtual Reality in 2014 when this new age of VR was still emerging by pursuing a postgraduate Masters in Creative Technology at Middlesex University in London where he specialized in Virtual Reality. Currently working intensely on his VR startup IMMERSIVELY, Lionel brings his passion and knowledge to spread awareness and information about VR in this class.

The participants at the class come from diverse background like HR, marketing, UX design, engineering, finance, etc. but they were all interested in getting to know more about Virtual Reality so that they can apply the knowledge in their field of expertise or even perhaps switch career over to this new industry.

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The class gives an overview about all the aspects about virtual reality. Even though it does not cover very in depth due to time constraints, I feel that the amount covered is sufficient to give the participants a good understanding of what VR is.

Lionel shared a lot of knowledge from his personal experience in doing VR projects like the challenges he faced in exploring this new industry, with hardware and software issues, storytelling techniques, etc.

He gave some insights on the current trends in the VR industry and how VR can be applied in various industries that some of the participants are working in currently.

One of the best part of the class is that there is a lot experiential learning. With VR, it is important to experience it for yourself and the participants had to try it out at various points of the class to better understand what Lionel is explaining.

Future classes?

Currently there are no future classes planned yet but if there are people interested, do follow the class on General Assembly to let them know your interest.