Top 10 VR Hardware that you want to try this year

What are the top 10 VR hardware that you want to try this year?

10) Oculus Rift (duh!) – the first consumer version VR headset that is going to hit the market with the most content (so far). 

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Images by Oculus Press Kit

9) HTC Vive – the room scale free-roaming feature is one amazing feature that is going to be in the Oculus Rift too, HTC Vive is going to be a forerunner in this feature for content, so can’t wait to try those.

8) Playstation VR – its the least powerful device BUT its a playstation! I want to see how a game behemoth defend its turf. Will it be successful with the 36 million + PS4 owners supporting it? Or is this the starting of the end for Sony in the gaming industry?

7) Virtuix Omni – Treadmill for you to use when using your VR headset to simulate walking/running. It is finally released after some 2 years since its kickstarter campaign .

6) Kodak Pixpro SP360 – I have tried the video on the Ricoh Theta S which is not so clear, so I want to try this one which boast 4K resolution and its an action camera like GoPro. Check out their great hits on their youtube channel!

5) Nikon KeyMission 360 – Another 4K action camera that has just been announced! And unlike the Kodak which is only one side even though there is an option to mount 2 and stitch the image together. One could argue that you dun really need both sides as you might not want to see the item holding the camera like a tripod or yourself and it saves storage space. But we shall see.

4) Sony Z5 Premium – 4K resolution screen! If a 4K resolution 360 video can be captured, its weird how there is only one mobile phone in the market at the moment only. So its to see how much better is the Google Cardboard when used here.

3) Activetainment B/01 Bike – VR Cycling Simulator. I like the comfort of indoor cycling and the experience of nature in outdoor cycling.

2) virZoom – Similar to the one above but without the realistic motion of a bicycle in an outdoor environment. It does however offer other types of games to play using the bicycle as a controller.

1) Teslasuit – A full body suit that gives you haptic feedback based on what you experience. Woah. Just out on Kickstarter!

What do you think? Any other products that catches you eye? Comment below!

(Feature image by Oculus Press Kit)