AsiaVR Dev Jam

On the 6th May to 7th May, AsiaVR organized its first ever Dev (short for developers) Talk and Dev Jam to encourage more programmers and game developers to get into developing VR content. There was a lot of sharing with various developers. Video links (credit to

1) Basic gpu-shader programming in Unity in the context of mobile VR– Martin Eklund
2) Developing VR for mobile. Lightbaking and Optimisation in Unity – Carleel from WoobaVR
3) Developing HTC vive apps with NewtonVR and Focal Point VR open source library – Jia Hen from VRcollab
4) Quick rundown of Unreal Engine 4 + Oculus DK2 with a game demo– Kenneth

Then it was followed HTC Vive demo (one of our fav game: space pirate trainer) and also Oculus Rift CV1. After that a mini VR devjam started as well which will end the next day at 5pm where some developers got their hands-on trying to develop with the HTC Vive and Oculus CV1

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