Future of Sex and Relationships Event Coverage

From a previous post that talks about dreaming about the future of society with VR, I got to talked about it further at an event on the 8th May organized by the Singapore Futurists. Do check them out, they have awesome meetups where they discuss about really interesting things.


Roy speaking about how VR is going to change relationships in society


I spoke about the fundamental concept of VR and its history before trying to explain how its emergence has the potential to change humanity and the way humans interact with one another using VR Porn and Social VR as 2 examples.

There were further discussions after the talks  in small groups with the attendees and we tried to think about best case, worst case scenarios that could happen to relationships and sex as a result of the emerging technology in the  future. It was really fun imagining about the future and arguing about what could be good or bad as they are really subjective.