IGDA x AWS Virtual Reality Special Event Coverage

A recap of this very special event specially brought to you by IGDA Singapore with AWS Singapore providing the event location and some beer 🙂

Presenters in chronological order:
1) Jonathan Kwek from Eon Reality
2) Joyce Law from Unity3D
3) Sid from Playware
4) Jiahen from VRcollab
5) Justin from Gattai Games
6) Jiang Kuo from Vito Technologies
7) Casey Gau from Casual Games Association


Allan from IGDA singapore giving the opening speech for the event.


Jonathan from eon reality showing the projects done by his company. It shows the old vr (cave system) they have been using since eons ago vs new vr (HMD)


Joyce from unity3d sharing that unity is may be conducting a vr workshop and is gauging the interest. Do contact her at [email protected] to express interest.


Sid from playware gave a very negative and pessimistic review of the vr technology and content available today


Jiahen from VRcollab talk about his experience with experimenting on the various controls and UI of the HTC Vive.


Justin from Gattai Games showcasing his horror game Stifled and sharing his experience of porting a normal PC game to a vr platform.


Jiang Kuo from Vito Technology sharing about his experience developing a educational VR game and his view on the China vr market.


Casey from CGA promoting the Casual Connect Asia event happening on the 17-19 May. Check it out here at http://asia.casualconnect.org/


A full house


Roy started getting into Virtual Reality in 2016. Ever since, he has been getting deeper and deeper into this whirlpool of amazing experiences. From starting the IGNITE VR blog, to organizing VR meetups at ASIAVR, Roy feels that he is still at the start of the biggest journey of his life.

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