Nvidia VR Works Showcase

Nvidia VRworks was held at Games Solutions Centre on the 6th May which promotes the use of its SDK on the unreal engine platform which claims to BOOST performance by up to 100%.

Its not really open to download on the internet unless you contact them but they are  very open to it. Nvidia is supportive of building the VR ecosystem, partly because VR demands more of graphic cards…. “7X more!” claims Nvidia.

A HTC Vive demo was also available showing Everest VR demo after the talk which has good graphics but its just a short demo without much playability. Try the real games instead.

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Roy started getting into Virtual Reality in 2016. Ever since, he has been getting deeper and deeper into this whirlpool of amazing experiences. From starting the IGNITE VR blog, to organizing VR meetups at ASIAVR, Roy feels that he is still at the start of the biggest journey of his life.

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  1. October 7, 2016

    […] talk was similar to the Nvidia VRworks showcase that we covered a few months ago. Previously it was supported on UNREAL ENGINE 4 only but now it […]