VR Filmmaking Colab Meetup

Storyhive Broadcasting System

A recap from the previous meetup at IDA Labs at the VR Filmmaking Colab meetup  on the 20th April organized by Ender from Hiverlab. Do join if you are interested in learning more about 360 videomaking.

Great session trying out the videos together using their Storyhive broadcasting system so that everyone experience the same thing at the same time. It feels quite different doing it together rather than just on your own as you know that we all have a similar but different experience depending on where you are looking as no one person is looking at the same thing all the time despite the same video being played which is a unique feature of 360 videos.

Storyhive Broadcasting System

Trying out the Storyhive Broadcasting System

Ender from Hiverlab

Ender from Hiverlab starting the videos from his phone

Also met up with 2 other fellas who are quite involved in 360 videos production: Yousuke Tanaka and Ken Chuang. Do check them out on their youtube channels.