VR Head Mounted Display Part 1: High-End HMD

PC Tethered HMD

Wires Galore!

These VR Headsets have the highest quality and are the most expensive. The features include high frame rates, very little lag, better games and application created for them, better display resolutions (you see clearer) and hand motion controllers, positional tracking (it knows that you are moving around), and other functions!

Do NOT forget the cost of the computers (or the Playstation 4 for PSVR) as well as they require computers of very high specs to run the games. Read more at the VR Ready Article.

The Big 3

Oculus Rift
– Price : USD399 (without shipping and tax) = Roughly SGD600
– What it includes: headset, touch controllers, 2 sensors, many free games
– What’s unique: The VR HMD that literally started this current generation of VR with its kickstarter campaign that showed that VR can be good and affordable. It was also bought over by Facebook for USD2 Billion.
– The Good: Does not need a big space to setup your play area. Connects via USB so there is no additional power plug requirements. Light, ergonomic and comes with integrated headphones. Controllers can last a week of constant playing on 1 x AA battery.
– The Bad: Light coming in through the nose. Large roomscale 360 degrees tracking is very troublesome to setup and will cause wire management issues. Short headset cable.

HTC Vive
– Price: SGD 1188
– What it includes: headset, left and right handheld controllers, 2 base stations and limited time Viveport Subscription
– What’s unique: The current leader for VR (by consumer opinion) for its tracking technology and roomscale VR experience. Steam created the SteamVR technology behind the HTC Vive and it is still the only hardware using this technology.
– The Good: Other than the superior roomscale tracking system, it was the first to bring in the motion controllers which is so important to an immersive experience. It also can support more than 1 Vive in a single playspace consisting the 2 base stations. We always recommend the HTC Vive at events as it provides the best VR experience at the moment.
– The Bad: Having more than 2 sensors in the same place will cause laser interference. It also requires minimum 3 power plugs for a VR setup. The headset is heavier and less ergonomic (but you can upgrade it by buying the deluxe audio strap). HTC Vive is also the most expensive headset.

Playstation VR
– Price: SGD 579
– What it includes: VR Headset, Processing Unit, Playstation Camera, one VRRoom game (No camera provided but it is required. Also no dualshock or playstation move controller provided in the package, but ps4 owners should have at least one of them already)
– What’s unique: Its the most popular VR headset with 2 million sold (Dec 2017).
– The Good: The Playstation has exclusive titles like Resident Evil 7. It is also the easiest to setup. It is the cheapest among the big 3 and most accessible as it works with Playstation 4 (also cheaper than a VR Ready PC)
– The Bad: Tracking technology is the oldest and hence most terrible of the lot. The Playstation Move is the worst motion controller of its generation. Graphics is the poorest as it is powered by a Playstation instead of a high end graphics card in a PC. PSVR is an entertainment device so do not expect to find any content other than games.

Other High End VR HMD

OSVR HDK2 by Razer (Hacker Dev Kit 2)
– Price : SGD 609
– What it includes: headset and cables
– What’s unique: It is a development kit meant for developers to play around with it as they create games and software so it is not a very polished product. However it is very functional and you can modified and upgrade it easily with all the hardware and software specs open sourced. For example, Zero Latency uses a modified version of it in its setup for it location based entertainment outlet all around the world.

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