VR Head Mounted Display Part 1: High-End HMD

PC Tethered HMD

Wires Galore!

These VR Headsets have the highest quality and are the most expensive. The features include high frame rates, very little lag, better games and application created for them, better display resolutions (you see clearer) and hand motion controllers, positional tracking (it knows that you are moving around), and other functions!

Do NOT forget the cost of the computers (or the Playstation 4 for PSVR) as well as they require computers of very high specs to run the games. Read more at the VR Ready Article.


Also of note is that none of the high end HMD ship to Singapore at the moment which is a huge bummer as you have to ship it to a overseas address, use a credit card with an overseas billing address and then use something like vPost or ask a friend overseas to ship it to Singapore. Inconvenient and expensive.


Most of the price stated are the retail price in USA, and does not include tax so the price is actually higher than stated. Shipping within USA which is normally free also require cost as it usually come in a huge box because of its many parts.


Since it is the very first time consumer versions of high end VR HMD are being sold, expect many delays. Oculus is bearing the brunt of it for being the first and they are having so much supply problem that any order now (18 April) will have an estimated delivery in August (in the USA so add more time to get it to Singapore). HTC is doing slightly better as it has better supply chain being a long time hardware seller.

The Big 3

Oculus Rift
– Price : USD599 (without shipping and tax)
– What it includes: headset, sensor, remote, cables, Xbox One controller, and Lucky’s Tale
– What’s unique: The VR HMD that literally started this current generation of VR with its kickstarter campaign that showed that VR can be good and affordable. It was also bought over by Facebook for USD2 Billion. Its the most polished user experience for VR.

HTC Vive
– Price: USD799 (without shipping and tax)
– What it includes: headset, left and right handheld controllers, 2 base stations and for a limited time only (a few games – fantastic contraption and job simulator and tiltbrush)
– What’s unique: The current leader for VR (by consumer opinion) with its roomscale VR experience. A partnership between HTC (the phone company) and Steam (the game company)

Playstation VR
– estimated launch in October
– Price: USD 399 (without shipping and tax)
– What it includes: VR Headset, Processing Unit, one VRRoom game (No camera provided but it is required. Also no dualshock or playstation move controller provided in the package, but ps4 owners should have at least one of them already)
– What’s unique: The cheapest among the big 3. It works with Playstation 4 only (also cheaper than a VR Ready PC) and will potentially have the biggest customer base with more than 35 million PS4 units sold as of 3 Jan 2016. Nvidia estimates only 13 million people in the world this year will have a VR Ready PC.

Other High End VR HMD

OSVR by Razor (Hacker Dev Kit v1.4)
– Price : USD479
– What it includes: headset and cables
– What’s unique: It is a development kit meant for developers to play around with it as they create games and software so it is not a very polished product. However it is very functional and you can modified and upgrade it easily with all the hardware and software specs open sourced.