Ebove: Cycle outdoors when indoors

At the beginning of the year, I wrote an article where I said I wanted to try some cool VR related hardware, and one of them was Activetainment’s Ebove B/01. And lo and behold, I got to try it today at their demo in their asia headquarters right here in Singapore. It was fantastic!

Like what you see in the above promotional video, what I like about Ebove is that it really brings the outdoor cycling experience to life while you are indoors.

  1. It performs like how a real bicycle does IRL. Inclines, declines, tilting, brakes, gears, steering, automatic resistance due to terrain, etc.
  2. The virtual worlds that they have created where you can move anywhere using the bicycle simulator as long as you do not crash. They could be normal trail terrain in the forest, roads in a city like New York City where you have to avoid the taxis on the road, BMX courses, ski jumps, basically anything is possible. AND these world are created in Unity3D and they are open to releasing SDK so that any unity developer will be able to create their own worlds to cycle in it using the ebove.
  3.  Supporting features like leaderboard, newsfeed, cycling stats are all built in to create a whole community around the device. You can challenge each other to races with ghost riders, know about what your friend has cycled at over the weekend, train for a race with the stats showing what you need to improve. And they are constantly gathering feedback to add more features in.
  4. VR is coming to this as well which will bring a whole new level of immersiveness as currently the screen shows the front of the bicycle. With VR, you can look around when cycling and the virtual world will really be around you.
  5. You get a really good workout. My legs were wobbly in 5 minutes, but I still want to go again.

I cannot describe how much I want to have one and they estimate that the ebove will ship at the end of the year. It does cost SGD12,500 but you get a 10% discount now! Check out the demo video that I took today at the headquarters near Labrador Park MRT.

Check out their facebook page to keep track of their events in Singapore over the next few weeks and you must go try it!

Did I mention they only have 3 in the world right now and Singapore has one of them?