What is VR?

Virtual Reality or VR in short is like experiencing an alternate life. This reality is simulated in a virtual world through the computer by using devices that attempt trick our senses into thinking that it is the real deal. The more you can’t differentiate real world from the virtual world, the better the VR experience.

Of the five senses, the one sense that is most frequently associated with virtual reality is our sense of sight. Especially in this age where earphones are so commonly used that we do not realize that it is quite marvelous in taking over our sense of hearing.

Hence in a way, VR head mounted display (HMD) or VR goggles are actually like headphone for eyes that tries to trick our sense of sight into believing that what we see is the real world. When we turn our head to the left while wearing these devices including our earphones, these devices simulate the visual and audio so that you feel that you have actually turned your head to look to the left and can hear sounds from the left side louder.

In the future, VR will extend to the sense of touch as well, with haptic feedback to the user to make him feel even more immerse in the virtual world. Imagine feeling what you touch in the virtual world using your hands if you are wearing a pair of special gloves. When a bullet hits you while in the virtual world throws you an impact (not as strong as a real bullet of course) at the exact position on a special bodysuit.

Welcome to Virtual Reality.

5 senses

(Featured image from ClipArtHut)