CoSpaces: How to create and jump into VR with ease

cospaces vr creation tool

It is quite intimidating for a newcomer to start creating virtual worlds especially as most developers use tools like Game Engines or 3D modelling tools and there is quite a steep learning curve. Fear NOT! CoSpaces brings to you an easy (and FREE) way to get started with VR creation.

What is CoSpaces?

  1. Create your own VR content
    • CoSpaces is a 3D visualization tool that makes creating virtual spaces as easy as pie. Users can select from a library of environments, figures and objects. Color, size and position of the elements can be adapted individually.
  2. Explore your and others’ creations in VR
    • With the use of the CoSpaces app, users can dive into their creations or explore spaces that others have shared with them.

1 Real-time synchronisation across devices © Delightex

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Uses of CoSpaces

CoSpaces is a 3D visualization tool that is very intuitive to use. There is no tutorial needed because of its simplicity. You just login and everything works just the way you think it should.

You can use it to create something for kids to explore. Or maybe teach them to use it themselves. It will be like having a virtual toybox to play in.

For professional use cases, this can be used to create a quick mockup to bring across ideas like for event planning, interior design planning ( actually the concept of CoSpaces is very similar to room planners ), etc.

Why do we need this?

4 Viewing on tablet © Delightex

This is a question that I am also asking myself. The answer is that even though I can probably imagine ideas very well in my head, it is difficult to explain it to another person.

To draw it out is the best way to explain my ideas and CoSpaces gives you the tool to create a 3D environment without having to learn modelling tools like Maya (which is expensive) or Blender (free but still have a learning curve). Plus the ability to share it with just a click emphasize the usage of this tool for communication purposes.

Right now you probably have no idea what to do with this application, but the next time you struggle to explain things, maybe go to CoSpaces and try creating the space to show it instead and let the virtual world do the talking instead.

Check out some of their demo creations in the playlist below or check out their Youtube page for more tutorials

(Featured Image from CoSpaces Press Kit)