AsiaVR Meetup: When VR and AR Collide: Which Technology Will Win the Reality Altering Race?

A VR panel was convened at AsiaVR meetup on the 14 June 2016 to discuss “When VR and AR Collide: Which Technology Will Win the Reality Altering Race?

Our exciting panelist come from Takanto Virtual Reality, Blippar, EON Reality and R/GA. There were also HTC Vive demos as well as demo showcase from Blippar and Warrior9.

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As we had panelist who are VR, AR specialists as well as neutral parties, it was a really good discussion about VR and AR. The big topics that were discussed are:

  • Preference to AR/VR and why?
  • Difference in AR/VR experiences
  • Relevance of AR/VR to the different type of industries
  • Popularity of AR vs VR and why?
  • Monetization and business models of AR/VR
  • Adoption of AR/VR in the different countries
  • The state of AR/VR
  • Future of AR/VR
  • and more!

AsiaVR does live video of the meetup sessions on our Facebook group (and Youtube in the future), so do watch out for that if you can’t make it to the sessions.

Do check out the video of the panel session to get the full content of the VR panel!


Roy started getting into Virtual Reality in 2016. Ever since, he has been getting deeper and deeper into this whirlpool of amazing experiences. From starting the IGNITE VR blog, to organizing VR meetups at ASIAVR, Roy feels that he is still at the start of the biggest journey of his life.

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    […] the speakers were Ashima Thomas from Warrior9 and Chris Bell from Blippar. They were both at the AsiaVR meetup on 14th June as […]

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