Echelon Asia Summit 2016 Summary

Echelon Asia Summit is a huge tech conference and exhibition organized by in Singapore. Held over 15-16 June 2016 at Expo Hall 3A, it included some really exciting VR exhibitors with products that has yet to launch and talks, so IGNITE-VR was there to check it out for you! Read more for the summary, exhibitor information and pictures and of course a video of the VR talk. 


is a talk moderated by Don Anderson from AsiaVR Association  and the speakers were Ashima Thomas from Warrior9 and Chris Bell from Blippar. They were both at the AsiaVR meetup on 14th June as well.

Warrior9 is creating the first animated VR sci fi series ever and having tried the teaser video in VR itself, I must say it is looking great. Blippar is on a mission to make the world around us fill with more information through its Augmented Reality business. Providing their opinions on these 2 similar but different technology, it is an insightful 20 minute discussion that you can check out the talk at the video below!

2) Intro to VR

is a introductory class organized by General Assembly and taught by Lionel Chok from Immersively.(see featured image) Check out more on it at more previous blog post.


3) Magix Home

is a product by a Singapore startup SKYOPT that aims to turn the research of the founder Dr. Sai-Kit Yeung, an assistant professor in SUTD, into products that can products that can solve daily life problems.

This product is a next generation interior design platform that features a 3D web editor, VR and AR visualisation solutions for mobile and desktop. How it works is you use the web editor to create a floor plan from a database of selections, mock up your interior design, preview with VR and order the furniture that you have chosen.

The challenge in this product is the implementation of the ideas, the user experience as home owners are not used to this concept when it comes to interior design and buying of furniture as well of integration of 3rd parties like furniture sellers.

SKYOPT seems to have a good team of designers and developers and we eagerly await the launch of their product to further review it.

4) Fibrum

is a virtual reality apps developer and mobile VR headset manufacturer from Russia.

They have a high quality headset which is probably the lightest I have ever tried and they are looking for resellers. Though it will be a bit more pricey than the China OEM headsets like VRbox, what I find interesting about Fibrum is that with a purchase of the headset, the users  get a license code that grants them 14 day access to all of Fibrum platform apps which would have cost the user USD55 to purchase. Furthermore, the license codes give the user everlasting 15% discount  for the Fibrum platform apps.

One problem the industry is facing is monetizing VR apps. The freemium model does not really work well with VR but users are unlikely to pay for apps as this VR experience is new. Hence this approach that Fibrum is taking is interesting as it gives it high quality headset more value as it comes bundled with content to justify the higher price while at the same time letting the user experience VR with higher quality apps to get them confident in purchasing new apps in the future as they see the quality in the immersive experience.


5) TwoEyes VR

is the world’s first binocular camera for steroscopic vision. It is a product by a South Korean company  Arc Interactive that creates Virtual Reality applications and solutions.

The device allows you to take stereoscopic video using a unique way to view what you are capturing by looking at it the same way as a binoculars so what you see is what you will capture including the depth and 3D. It will be launch on IndieGoGo soon and we shall have more information about this product then.



is an augment reality product by a Japanese company meleap that creates really fun augment reality games that also makes use of your physical movement like using your hands to shoot psychic blasts at an enemy dragon or against another player.

I had the good fortune to play the game with the CEO of meleap,  Hiroshi Fukuda. I didn’t win of course, but I can attest to how fun it really is.


They are selling the entire solution which includes the AR headset, wrist controllers, camera, software to interest parties who wants to set this system up for events or arcades. Can’t wait for hololens? Check out the video below to check out the very fun game play that is already available now!

7) Ejaculator

is a VR video sync stroking masturbator toy. The sex toy will come with a virtual reality headset and remote controller and will sync with a video streaming app to provide the stroking motions. It was successfully launched on Indiegogo and will probably ship at the end of the year.

VR Porn is probably one of the leading industry to make use of VR other than video games (the Adult VR Festival in Japan can attest to that with the huge crowds that it attracted) and VR sex toys are probably the next big thing in the industry to hit it as it attempts to enhance the immersive experience of these adult contents. Its definitely gonna be BIG (pun intended), if there are anyone is interested for personal or reseller purpose, do check them out!
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