Searching for PropertyGuru in the VR Treasure Hunt


PropertyGuru recently just ended the VR roadshow where they have their mobile van at Century Square, One Raffles Place, Jurong Point to showcase their new VR feature on their propertyguru website. 

PropertyGuru is Singapore top property search website and also a big player in the regions around Singapore like Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

At the roadshow, people can check out an interactive VR virtual tour to experience being in an house that is for sale.

There is also a treasure hunt to look for 3 items inside the virtualtour within 60 seconds to win a $50 voucher to attract people to try out the VR application as people are still wary of trying out this new technology especially in public.


We won the VR treasure hunt!

PropertyGuru also started introducing VR views on their property search website, so if you are looking for a house to buy on their website, you will soon be able to switch it to VR viewer mode on your smartphones to view on your mobile VR headset like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

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Hunks and Babes at the roadshow.

Being one of the biggest property search platform around, it is great that PropertyGuru is taking the lead in innovation in property search in Singapore by introducing VR to create an immersive experience for people looking for property. In fact, this idea has already been kickstarted in property search websites overseas like Sotheby, Savills, Foxton, Commonfloor as the need is greater overseas where distance between properties and the viewer is far and VR viewing is a great way to filter down the options available.

Also for the use case of VR in real estate, property search websites like PropertyGuru play an very significant  role as they cater to the masses and now that the VR viewing function is available on their website, they are opening up a big potential market for property agents and home owners to market their property  on their website where they will get many eyeballs.

Right now the hurdles for this implementation is content creation. Most home owners or property agents do not have 360 cameras at present so there will be very few properties that will be able to show VR. But in the future, technology will improve to make this process easier and then we will all be able to step into a potential home anytime and anywhere.


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