Microsoft Hololens Review (A PropertyGuru hands on)

microsoft hololens review

Finally we got our hands on the Microsoft Hololens. Check out the hands on session and our Microsoft Hololens review here!

At USD3000 a piece, it is no cheap device. Even then it cannot be procured without Microsoft connections. So how did we get to try the Hololens?

Remember we were hanging out recently at the PropertyGuru VR roadshow to check out their new VR initiative? Well they were able to get their hands on one. They then got in contact with me and arranged this event to be opened to AsiaVR members.

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What is Microsoft Hololens?

Microsoft Hololens is a augmented reality (AR) device created by Microsoft. It is completely wireless so you can put it on and walk around without having to worry about wires not able to extend far enough. Check out this article to learn more about difference between AR and VR.

There has been many marketing videos created by Microsoft and other AR companies that really hypes it up and create expectations of the AR technology that are far too high. It is exciting to be able to show the potential of technology but Microsoft Hololens as of today is still a development product. Using it will not be like what you see in the marketing videos. That is the first thing everyone should understand before trying it on.  It will be a big disappointment if you don’t do so.

The video review below shows a more humble review of the Microsoft Hololens and how it can be used. For more wow, check out the Microsoft Hololens Youtube Channel as every video there has been beautifully created and edited.


It was the first time I see augmented reality without the use of a display screen like a smartphone or tablet like Project Tango. It is amazing how 3D holograms can be floating in front of you. Not only that you are able to use your hands to move the object around or resize it.

The clarity of the images is good and you do not need a dark room to use it unlike many projection technology.

The headset is really light and it is comfortable and easy to put on without using any straps.


One of the first thing that will strike you is the area of view is so small! Coming from fiddling around with VR headsets, this tiny viewport feels really claustrophobic.

“It was like looking through a keyhole.”

User interactions with a cursor that is aimed using your head is very unnatural and is also what I dislike about the mobile VR devices. The clicking motion with your index finger also needs some practices to get used to.


We didn’t had the time to try more than around 2 minutes each so it was just a teaser. The app that was being demoed was called holograms and there are also other apps that we did not get to tried that look fun on videos.

Microsoft Hololens is still very much a very expensive device that teases us on the potential of Augmented Reality that we see in the videos. The idea is definitely there and we would like to try it for a longer period if we have another chance.

If anyone who is in the Real Estate industry and would like to collaborate on Hololens or other techie projects like VR or other things, do approach PropertyGuru.

Malcolm Fitzgerald, Chief Product and Technology Officer at PropertyGuru, tells us that other than being South East Asia number 1 online property search website in 4 different markets (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia), they are also a technology first company. Let me know if you would like to connect with their team!

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