VR Cover Review: Keep your VR Headset Hygienic

VR Cover Review

My friend TY once told me that he got a sore eye after trying out a VR demo. Hygiene is an important issue that many people forget about when they are using the VR headset. Luckily, there is VR Cover, which is a company that specializes in making covers and replacement pads for your headsets (only HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Gear VR).

In this article we discuss about how disgusting a VR headset can get from personal experience and how it is best to keep your headset hygienic through using VR Cover and other methods.

Disgusting and unhygienic parts of a VR headset

The most disgusting parts of a VR headset will make you feel like not using it at all as they are very close or in contact with your skin. They are ranked from most disgusting to least disgusting.

  1. Face pad – The portion where you face come into contact with the VR headset is  usually an exposed sponge pad. So….it will absorb sweat and oil and dirty stuff on your face. When you share your VR headset around and when you play games that involve a lot of vigorous activities, it is possible to have a completely soaked face pad and that is not fun for the next person (unless this is a forfeit game)
  2. Headband – It is made of an elastic material to hold the headset to your head and will absorb sweat and dirt too but less as there is a layer of hair between it and your skin (unless you are bald).
  3. Lens – Fingerprints smudges (especially from oily fingers from eating snacks at a party) is not only disgusting as it is like 1 cm away from your eyes but it also make your vision blur.

Preventive Measures

Try these methods to prevent the VR headset from becoming dirty:

  1. Clean your hands before touching your headset
  2. Stop playing when you feel like you are about to sweat
  3. Blast the air conditioner when you are playing VR games

Maintenance Procedures

However, it is not possible to prevent completely from becoming unhygienic, so you need to clean it by:

  1. Taking the face pad off (its detachable) to wash it
  2. Wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth

Problem: You can’t wash and dry the face pad every half an hour though especially if there are people who are continuously taking turns to play it.

The solution: Face pad covers or replacement foams!


The company, VR Cover, sells covers for the facepad for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR. What you do with these covers is to place them over the face pads.

There are cloth version that is more comfortable and you just need to remove them instead of the whole face pad and throw them into the washing machine to wash it. They dry more quickly and its cheaper to have get them than an extra face pad.

There is also a PU leather cover and replacement face pad that is waterproof, so it is really convenient as you do not even need to remove them to clean it. Simply use some clean wipes on them after each use and its cleaned in 5 seconds. This is what we use at IGNITE VR as well and we have rely on it for our demonstations, roadshows and VR parties. However it is less comfortable than the cloth version.

The only drawback to VR Covers is that these covers are quite expensive at USD19-29 but we think its a good investment if you intend to use your VR headset often and share them around.

Oculus Rift Cover


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