SNEAK PEAK at VR @ Unite Singapore 2016

unite 2016 singapore

unite 2016 singapore

There are 8 Unite Conferences this year around the world and Singapore happens to be one of the locations this year!

As the most popular game engine around that developers use to create normal games and VR applications, we give you a sneak peak at the VR related agenda at this event that we will be covering.

Come on down to Unite Singapore ’16 if you are free on the 3-4 October!

What is UNITE?

Unite are conferences organized by Unity3D Game Engine where developers can

learn how to power up your development and get the most out of our engine. You’ll also get a sneak peek at upcoming product features, new services and future plans. You can meet your fellow developers and artists and see what wonders they are creating with Unity.

What is VR related in the agenda?

There are 3 speakers and talks that we are focus on attending and covering:

  1. Scott Vandonkelaar, Chief Technology Officer of Zero Latency
    Topic: Return of the Arcade – Building Unachievable at Home Virtual Reality Experiences
    Date and Time: 3rd October 1030-1130
  2. Sam Hussey, Managing Director of Lightweave
    Topic: Consumer Engagement
    Date and Time: 3rd October 1130-1230
  3. Josh Naylor, from Unity Technologies
    Topic: The Users Experience in VR
    Date and Time: 3rd October 1600-1700

Some background info about what the speakers’ companies do:




We will follow up with more news about virtual reality at Unite Singapore 2016. Check our facebook page for faster updates on the event day itself!

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