UCCVR first daydream app: Hello Mars

hello mars uccvr

What an exciting week for VR! We have Oculus Connect 3 with many amazing stuff announced and we also have Google’s announcement of their Daydream-ready phone Pixel and Pixel XL together with their Daydream View VR headset.

Together with the range of hardware devices, they have also released the names of the first batch of Daydream Early Access program participants & a preview of their contents to be released on Daydream ready phones. As this program is only for early access content providers, it is apparently a restricted number of team involved, possibly to ensure the quality of the release. In the list of companies & titles, we have found UCCVR Experience Lab’s Hello Mars.

Check out the scoop we got from UCCVR.

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Hello Mars is a full VR cinematic experience presenting a landing sequence journey to Mars where all contents shown are based on NASA official public release data. This cinematic experience also come with interactive input mechanism that is inline with the input specification outlined on the Daydream platform. From the shared screenshots, Hello Mars will be a film-quality experience with a hyper realistic render, which will stretch the mobile platform capabilities.

UCCVR Experience Lab is comprised of a group of Industry veterans previously from EA, Ubisoft and CCPGames with a wealth of enthusiasm, industry experience of developing AAA games across all major platforms, the core team was also the founding group of the best-selling mobile VR title EVE Gunjack.

Overall, Hello Mars shows a fair amount of potential and we look forward to the title’s release on Daydream.

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