EXA VR PARK + GIOCHITECH: One Day Malaysia VR Company Trip

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We had a blast visiting the 2 VR companies in Malaysia during our 1 day road trip on the 10th October 2016.

Thanks a lot to Giochitech and EXA VR Park for hosting us and sharing with us their stories and knowledge about virtual reality.

Check out the article for more pictures and the details of the trip!

1) Giochitech 

Giochitech is a education centre in Malaysia that provides professional CG training. Recently they have been focusing on supporting VR development in the diplomas they offer (Diploma in 3D multimedia game art and animation; Diploma in 3D multimedia interior design)

During the tour, we saw a production team working on architecture and interior visualizations which we have noticed to be a popular industry where VR is applied in. From our discussions with the lecturer, we learn that the production team do projects for clients. They use new software (like Substance) and technology to work faster and with better quality. These skills and knowledge get pass on to the students. I think that such approach to education is a fantastic one as it increases the students’ employability.

For those who understand chinese, do check out their chinese site which is more detailed and frequently updated.

giochitech giochitech giochitech


EXA VR Park is an upcoming virtual reality attraction that is slated to open early next year. We tried the BETA version of the final product during this trip.

Warehouse scale VR is a rarely implemented technology that is very expensive as it requires multiple fast tracking cameras in a large space and backpack PCs so that you can be mobile. Famous companies using variations of this technology for commercial uses are The Void and Zero Latency (who we covered last week).

We are delighted to see that a South East Asia VR company is also venturing into this technology too.

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Having played with the HTC Vive for almost half a year now, it is very liberating to be able to walk around without a wire restricting my range of movement. In fact I started running around until I almost smashed into the wall nearby out of excitement.

It was also amazing to know that I can see and touch my friends in the virtual world. Multiplayer is definitely the way to go for great VR experiences that is entertaining as well as social.


The graphics were quite good for this stage and there were a variety of content where we experienced fighting giant mosquitos, huge spiders and a boss monster.

Content is definitely one of the key factors that they plan to continue to develop on to attract players to keep coming back for more.

It was really cool also to be able to see behind the scenes how the game master sees the game play just in case it is required to give the players some guidance.

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We really thank Havene and Richard for sitting down with us to share their vision for EXA VR Park and their sister companies in the Havson Group. It was a valuable opportunity to speak with them to see their conviction that VR will continue to grow and how entertainment will evolve in the coming years. We will definitely be back again when the VR theme park is launched.

And of course we have a steam boat dinner in Malaysia (CHEAP CHEAP MUST EAT) to end the trip. Thanks to have these VR enthusiasts and developers down to share this Malaysia VR company trip experience together!

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Dinner at Village Steamboat

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