Mages VR Showcase

Mages Institute of Excellence VR

Mages Institute of Excellence which is the first school in Singapore who started a VR course recently held a VR showcase at their campus at Orchard Central.

Mages Institute of Excellence VR

This VR Showcase was a strong statement from Mages to show their capabilities in developing VR content of various genres by their staff and also with their students. Check out this article to find out more about the VR content shown during their showcase.Each of the examples showcased had a unique genre to it to highlight the different facet of VR.

Tales of Tulum – Cinematic

VR Cinematic

Tales of Tulum was a cinematic experience with the majestic canyon landscape being shown as you swoop across the sparkling river and over the huge rock structures with intricate details. These are scenes we see normally in movies and it gets translated into VR in this short demo experience which really enhanced the grandeur of the surroundings.

Wheel Away – Architecture

VR Architecture

Wheel Away is a project to simulate using of a motorized wheelchair to train people to use it to get from  point A to point B. The 3D architecture environment was modeled very closely to a real life location in a HDB estate with all the barriers and bumps and the player follows a trail to get from their home to the MRT. In VR, this really feels like being transported to the place and makes training more realistic.

Detective Jack – Interactive Game

VR interaction

Detective Jack places you in a room with a table and objects on it for you to examine to solve a mystery. It allows you to interact with all the objects on the table, to pick them up using the HTC Vive controllers like you do with your hands.

Honja – Experiential Game

VR Experiential

Honja is a horror game that places you in a apartment that looks like it has been ransacked. Its atmosphere is made spooky with the lighting and sound effects. In this short experiential game, you walk around the place and encounter supernatural events happening and jump scares.

Let There be Light – Animation

VR Animation

Let There be Light is a story about a blind man who regains his sight through eye transplant from a dead girl. Initially, the narrator sees (or imagining seeing) through echolocations and in black or white and as he goes through his journey in the story, he starts seeing colours and have normal vision. This VR animation tells the story from the point of view of the main character and the immersive experience is quite impactful in creating feelings of empathy to the audience.

Zero Gravity – Simulation

VR Simulation

Zero Gravity is a space station simulation where you experience zero gravity. This means that you do not walk like you do normally on Earth and have to use your hands to climb or pull yourself around in the space station. The objectives of this simulation is to move to certain parts of the space station and repair certain broken components. This VR simulation is literally out of the world as if allows you to sort of experience something you cannot experience on Earth and for a real life experience, it would probably cost many times more than a VR experience. Zero Gravity also showcase the use of world space UI which is the standard in VR. (World Space UI means you see user interface not fixed on your screen but on a object in the world like your hand)

If you are interested in learning VR development…

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