Danger Room Game Review

Danger Room is Actually Sane Studio‘s first release on Steam.

Actually Sane Studios is a Singapore based indie game studios that focuses on VR game development.

Read this article to find out more about their game.

When we heard about the title of the game, we immediately thought about the X-Men’s Danger Room where they get to train and fight against simulation of their enemies and practise their team work.


So when we finally got our hands on the game in December last year, we were excited to see the visuals are quite similar to what we envision. Its retro style sci-fi graphics actually reminds us of the old X-Men cartoons that we used to watch when we were kids, so there is quite a bit of nostalgia when playing this game.


Danger Room is built for the HTC Vive so it makes use of the vive wands as guns and the room scale play area as the platform where you stand on to fight and dodge waves of enemy fire. There are 2 modes: beginner (for first timers) and hardcore (for people who want to jump straight into intense action)

The enemies look like TIE Interceptor and there are 2 types: Orange ones that shoot slow moving balls at you and Red ones that shoot sweeping lasers at the platform.

There is only one type of gun which is quite unique as it has 2 special abilities.

  1. You do not have any ammo but suck in enemy balls to fire back at them.
  2. You can slow down time by turning your gun sideways.

Danger room suck balls

The gameplay is simple enough but it gets quite intense if you are not efficient in collecting ammo and taking out the enemies at the same time.

The time slow is the current fad for games like in SUPERHOT, Bullet Train, Bullet Sorrow, Sairento, Raw Data, etc. For this game, it is important to make full use of this super power if you intend to survive longer (especially since the use is unlimited but its challenging to aim while holding the gun sideways).

We would love it if there is a larger variety of enemies and boss level enemies and different weapons to use. Being able to teleport around the danger room would also be a cool feature to have like in Raw Data. Different game modes like survival (current game), time trial, obstacle courses would make it a really good tribute to the X-Men reference.


Danger Room is a short arcade style game that we feel is great for a short 5-10 minute gameplay. You can try to achieve your best score and compete with friends on the local or online leaderboard.

At an affordable price of $6.50, we think that it is worth a buy if you like a simple shooting game which you can just pick up and play. It is available in our IGNITE VR Arcade in Singapore as well, so feel free to pop by and give it a shot!

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