The Drop by inside360

inside360 the drop

We were sourcing for 360 videos to use for events as local 360 companies were lacking those of extreme sports due to our geographical limitations and chanced upon The Drop which is a cinematic VR Wingsuit Experience (Switzerland) created by inside360.




The reasons why we chose this video was:

  1. 4K resolution: Current VR headsets has a reputation for being not very high resolution due to the headset screen resolution and also the video resolution (360 videos takes up more viewing space). We want to provide our clients the best possible viewing experience, so 4K is the minimum quality.
  2. Content: Key to the 360 experience is that it should be something that we do not experience in our real life or it is expensive or dangerous to do so. We want to let our clients try something that they probably will never try in their life.
  3. Time: For events, it is important that more people can try the VR experience, so duration of the VR experience must not be too long. This means that within a 2 minute time constraint, the video must transition from scenes properly and still feel like a complete piece of work.

From conception, filming, post production, app development and VR headsets, inside360 offer a total solution for their clients. This is good as we think that most clients are quite clueless about how the entire process is and this makes it simple and clear about the services that inside360 will provide to their clients.

inside360 has worked on projects with racing teams, car manufacturers, travel and leisure, basketball teams, events companies, football teams, education institutes, news media, etc. These experiences gives them a track record of working with established companies and these are what clients look at.

Do check out their videos on their youtube channel and at


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