Global Creator Community VR Short Film Festival 2017


This article originated from UCCVR about the upcoming Global Creator Community VR Short Film Festival. It was translated from the original chinese language. Find the original article at

In 2016, the VR industry was a frenzy and it impacted film and TV production as well as distribution channels from the upstream to downsteam industry chain. The expansion of filming equipment range and lowering of technical barrier of entry, resulted in the live action VR industry became active earlier compared to the VR gaming industry.

Since Facebook set up Oculus Story Studios, many major Hollywood production studios like Lionsgate, Warner Bros, Disney, 21st Century, etc. has also set up up their own VR studios. The trend of Hollywood VR production is rising and soon we will see VR movies on the screen (in the VR headset of course).

Riding the waves of VR films, UCCVR has partnered with Shanghai Media Group SMG, Jaunt China, Youku VR to launch the Global Creator Community VR Short Film Festival 2017. This event is dedicated to discovering outstanding VR film and television projects as well as creating the best platform for top VR film producers to collaborate with talented creatives, thus attracting attention from active investors around the world.


This year’s contest is an upgrade of the 2016 version and will collect the best VR original films from production teams, individuals and hobbyist. This contest will be officially opened for registration in February with attractive cash prizes as well as the opportunity to work with the cutting edge VR camera equipment and facilities plus top distribution and promotion channels. All genres of VR film content are open to participate in this contest.

The contest will be providing a platform for VR content for the industry partners who are giving impetus to the development of the VR film industry. This will extensively promote the VR film industry in all aspects of development from conceptualization to practical applications as well as popularizing it.

On the 24th February, Shanghai will be hosting the contest’s first sharing session and industry leaders and technical experts from SMG, Jaunt China, Youku VR, Whaley, Digital Domain, and Microsoft have been invited to share about the change and future of the VR/AR industry in 2017.


Global Creator Community VR Short Film Festival 2017 aims to create the next big film and television success, so if you are interested, watch out for the registration opening in February at

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