Kung Fu Ping Pong Game Review

I really love ping pong VR games even though I can’t play ping pong in real life for nuts.

Previously I have tried VR Ping Pong, Eleven: Table Tennis, Paddle Up and now here comes a new challenger! Check out this article for the review.

Kung Fu Ping Pong is a game with
1) Cute graphics kinda like kungfu panda – Kids will love it
2) Easy to play mechanics – for people who want to just have an easy time playing a casual table tennis game / not for the simulator fans, try other VR Ping Pong games
3) Interesting boss powers to add variety to gameplay like bombs and nunchucks

It is a very short early access game with limited variety of gameplay but for its price of just $1+, I think that is a great casual game that you can grab for some fun with friends.

Support it so that the developer can continue to add more content to the game!


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