Oculus Rift CV1 + VR Cover Review


So we got an Oculus CV1 for our VR Arcade last month. Just before they announced the USD200 price drop.


Together with the Oculus Touch, it used to cost USD799 but its now just USD599.

If money is not a most important factor in buying a VR headset, read this article for our thoughts on the Oculus.


The reason why we finally got an Oculus was that it had finally overcome majority of the advantages Vive had:

  1. Hand Controllers – Oculus Touch was finally released last December and they are pretty sweet.
  2. Available Games – With the release of the Touch controllers, most vive games became cross platform compatible
  3. Shipping Convenience – Even though Oculus does not ship to Singapore, Amazon does, so yay!

Other reasons were like:

  1. Multiple Vive station laser tracking interference created headaches when we were setting up our arcade and having an Oculus station in between the Vive Stations is a good idea as they are using different tracking systems.
  2. Rock Band VR which require the use of the Oculus Touch controllers. (Watch out for a full review for that)
  3. Free games that come together with the Oculus Touch controllers like Robo Recall, Oculus Medium and Quill.

What I like about the Oculus setup after one month of using it:

  1. The weight (or weight distribution) makes your feel less conscious that your are wearing a VR Headset
  2. The headstrap is more ergonomic and wraps around your head better.
  3. The 2 cameras were easier to place as they has its own stand.
  4. Oculus Touch controllers were really light and nice to hold plus the battery life of it is super long.
  5. Oculus Exclusive games like SUPERHOT, Robo Recall, The Unspoken, The Climb are amazing.


What I hate about the Oculus setup (and some workarounds for home users) is:

  1. 180 degree tracking makes you lose tracking sometimes when you face back and walk around (You will need to purchase a 3rd camera to enable experimental 360 tracking)
  2. The short cable connecting the headset to the computer limits our movement (Use extenders)
  3. Too many steps to setup initially (Just for the first time only)
  4. Light leaking through the nose gap (Tell more lies to grow a longer nose, just kidding)
  5. Sweat absorbing on the sponge face pad is very unhygienic
  6. Spectacles are very difficult to wear together with the headset and a lot of Singaporeans wear spectacles

For Points 4 and 5, we sought to solve the 2 issues by purchasing a VR Cover for Oculus! Previously we have gotten them for the HTC Vive and recently they also released the Oculus version.

Oculus Rift Cover

The VR cover does a great job. Other than having a waterproof leather replacement face pad that prevents sweat absorption and make cleaning easier, we also got an eyewear version that extrudes out more to give space for spectacles, reducing how much you can see but reducing pressing on the spectacles by the VR Headset. However the eyewear version does reduces the field of view, meaning you will see less of the virtual world.

Check out our unboxing video of the VR Cover below.


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