Is it the end of IGNITE VR Arcade?

It was a good run of 6 months from Dec 2016 to May 2017.

IGNITE VR Arcade at Marina Square has come to the end of its short lease and we have decided not to renew it. Our last day of operation will be on the 23rd May 2017.

Read on to find out why.

What we wanted to achieve

Time flew by in a blink  and we never thought that May would come by so quickly.

The goal of IGNITE VR Arcade was to jumpstart awareness of Virtual Reality in Singapore and we are happy to say that we did it.

We were the first to open in Singapore and that gave us and VR a lot of exposure in newspaper coverage (The Straits Time, The New Paper), magazines (ANZA Magazine), radio (987FM), as well as online media coverage (, Akiba Press, Mothership, The Culture Trip, VR-Zone, Forbes)


What we remember (good and bad)

At least 5000 people tried VR at our arcade during these 6 months and even more people have seen VR in action as they walk pass our full length glass windows. Watching so many people try on the HTC Vive or Oculus for the first time and getting wowed by the experience is a stamp of approval on this technology that we are evangelising.

What we will not miss (that we remember too well) are:

  • the 3 broken controllers
  • 1 spoilt headset
  • 1 broken TV
  • kids too engrossed in playing and peeing in their pants
  • staff getting hit by flailing arms and
  • troubleshooting the many issues that the VR setup face daily

Why we chose not to renew the current IGNITE VR Arcade (or what you can expect at the next IGNITE VR Arcade)

Our sales was increasing month on month and more people know of our presence. So why did we decide to close? The reasons are:

  1. We want to keep our concept fresh so that our customer will not lose interest in the experiences we provide.
  2. We want to introduce more multiplayer experiences to let friends and families all play together.
  3. We want to improve our operations of the arcade to make the place even better at an equal or lower cost.
  4. We want to develop our own content so that we have control over the VR experiences we offer.
  5. We want to help other partners setup VR experience centres that target different industry other than entertainment.
  6. We need a break as our small team of 6 (2 full time, 3 part time plus 1 volunteer) have been working tirelessly to run this arcade and didn’t want to suffer a burnout.
  7. We want to rewatch Game of Thrones Season 1-6 before Season 7 starts in July. (Just Kidding)
  8. We want to play Star Trek Bridge Crew. (Releasing on 30 May 2017)

We will be back, bigger and better.

How can you continue to play VR games (please do!)

Besides, what we did at IGNITE VR Arcade, you can replicate it at home. We truly believe that the way we setup our stations is the way every living room should be created.

This is especially so now that accessibility to VR hardware has become more available. HTC Vive and Oculus both ship to Singapore directly now and a VR Ready PC entry level price has fallen significantly with the release of the 10xx series Nvidia Graphics Card.

If you still want to go to a VR Arcade, JCube has V Room which is the only other VR Arcade in Singapore. If you really really really really really want to la.

We will also continue to do events, so look out for them on our facebook page so drop by to support us!

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