Sailing education and entertainment: VR Regatta Review

Singapore Yacht Show

Singapore Yacht ShowAt the recent Singapore Yacht Show, we worked with MarineVerse who created the VR Sailing Simulator to showcase this VR Experience at this event.

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VR Regatta was one of the earliest VR experience that I had as it used to be free and sailing was something that was fascinating to me but I have not had the chance to try it.

EducationVR Regatta

You learn about the sailing terms and boat equipment terms. You also learn about moving the tiller to steer the boat and pull or slacken main sheet according to the wind direction to power it using the wind.


It is quite realistic and other than being an awesome learning tool, it can also be a relaxing app for someone who wants to just have a quiet time enjoying the sunset in the calm ocean. For racing fans, go online and compete against each other in multiplayer races.

Feedback at the Yacht Show

At the yacht show, there were many sailors abound, young and old, and they were all fascinated with playing VR Regatta and feel like they were on the seas, maneuvering a small boat while in real life they are dry and sitting comfortably. People who sailed before were able to point out that the sea does not show the direction of the wind blowing and also helped us adjust the seating setup we had initially on our first day.  Generally most people had positive feedback at the event.

Check out the nice video compiled about our event setup at the Singapore Yacht Show.  Many thanks to MarineVerse for creating this great VR experience and allowing us to use it for this event.

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