The first Longbow VR Open Tournament

Our VR Arcade has closed, but we did it with a bang!

On the last weekend before we closed, we held a VR competition using one of our favourite VR game LONGBOW. 

It was always one of our goals, to run a VR competition that is, I believe, the first in Singapore that is open to the public. We are really happy to be able to achieve this. This would not be possible without our enthusiastic participants as well as our sponsors ASUS, Tag Team, and Garena.

Read on more to check out photos of the event!

The Battle Begins

The top 18 archers gathered at our shop and showdown over 3 rounds of speed, accuracy and endurance as they attempt to out shoot, out last and win the first ever publicly held Longbow VR competition. There were prizes for all the contestants regardless of ranking position.

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The Aftermath

For our first Speed round, David Yong had the fastest speed of 2.22 min to clear 8 waves of enemies.

For our Points round, Zack Ang had the best accuracy with 4755 points after 16 waves of enemies.

For our Final Endurance round, Zack (again) emerge champion with a total wave count of 43, Eugene coming in second at 39 waves and Jasper coming in a respectful 37 (Personal Best) for him.

!st Place: Zack with his ASUS Router

2nd Place: Eugene with his ASUS Monitor

3rd Place: Jasper with his Tag Team Voucher

In the spirit of friendly competition, we hope everyone enjoyed a good time. We will do this again bigger and better!