Virtual Room Review – A Team Based VR Adventure Experience

Can’t get enough of Virtual Reality experiences? Virtual Room is a new location in town and we checked it out last week!

With a great location, custom designed multiplayer content and premium VR setup, it could be the best VR entertainment in town yet! Read on to find out more (and also discounts!)

Great Location

Virtual Room is located centrally in Lucky Chinatown and very accessible as it is just beside Chinatown MRT Station which is on the Northeast line and Downtown line.

The 22 rooms (largest outlet in the world) occupies the entire basement 3 so there is no way you can miss it. The moment you go down the escalator to the level you will see the front counter where you can approach the friendly gamemasters to start your game.

Immersive Multiplayer Content that you can’t play at home

Virtual Room is NOT a VR Arcade like what we opened earlier from Dec 2016 to May 2017. You cannot go in and book a room with just one VR station to play off-the-shelf VR game titles that you can play at home.

Instead it is more like a Virtual Escape Room where you and your friends go into VR at the same time to experience a ~45 min long adventure together. The game can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. For the most fun experience, 3 to 4 players is recommended as this team collaborative game requires you to work with your teammates to solve the puzzles and complete your mission. You will be able to communicate with them through a microphone as well as see them in Virtual Reality.

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The current experience is custom-designed to be beginner friendly. With only one button to press to interact with the virtual environment, it makes the learning curve of playing in a virtual environment easier to navigate. There are audio instructions to guide you in your adventure and if you get stuck, the gamemasters will also help guide you with more specific instructions, just like in an escape room game.

We won’t spoil too much on the content for the VR experience but it involves time travelling to the past and the future to solve puzzles to save the world! A really awesome social experience where you and your friends or family can step into beautifully created worlds and share adventures together! Check out the trailer below!

Currently there is only 1 VR experience to try but there will be more upcoming titles to play that will increase the difficulty to challenge those who want more!

The Premium VR setup

Virtual Room provides the premium VR experience at the moment. They have:

  1. A 3m by 3m room allocated for each player to ensure that you have spacious room to move around in without hitting the walls.
  2. Ceiling down cable management will prevent wires from tangling around your legs
  3. HTC Vive with the deluxe audio strap (integrated audio, comfort padding and an easy-to-use size adjustment dial) gives the best roomscale tracking experience with comfort and convenience while wearing the vr headset.
  4. VR Ready PC with the top of the line graphics card Nvidia 1080Ti to ensure the best graphic performance that current hardware is able to provide to reduce motion sickness by ensuring a high framerate.

They also have nice touches to the location like a waiting area if the queue is long and a photo spot to take photos with some props related to the VR experience.

Pricing (and discounts!)

Virtual Room is priced per person per hour at $39 on Mon to Thurs and $49 on Fri to Sun and Public Holidays. But all you readers at IGNITE VR will get a special 20% discount as we are affiliated with AsiaVR association. Just enter “AVR20”  into the promotion code field  when you book online which you can find at this link!

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