VR Event Booth Games: Batman Arkham VR Review

batman Arkham VR

An approximate 1 hour full experience of the player being DC Comics’s Batman, investigating criminal plots in Gotham city. The player will have to solve criminal puzzles and become the Batman around Gotham City.

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Suitable for Events/ Corporate function/ Carnivals/ Bazaar/ weddings/ D&D/ Birthday/ Festival/ Party

GAMEPLAY (2 / 10)

The player goes through some scenes as Batman, investigating crimes and heading to enemy places. However, the gameplay is sort of boring as the players don’t have to do much other than interact the scenes around them. Unlike the PC/Console Batman games such as Batman: Arkham Knight, there is not much objective in this game. You do not do much things Batman do, such as riding the Tumbler or Batmobile, or physically fighting criminals. The experience is more passive, where the player uses Batman’s tools and interacts the scene around them.

AVG. PLAYTIME (3 / 10)

This game is a 1 VR hour experience for the coolness of the player being Batman and it has to be experienced in full from beginning to end. However, the gameplay has very little to no replay value as compared to the normal Batman Arkham games for PCs and Consoles. Once completing this game, it is very likely that the player will not replay the game again as there isn’t much to do, unless he/she likes gazing into the mirror to see themselves being Batman.

PLAY AREA (9 / 10)

This game requires seated/standing space which is great for anyone who has not a big space for VR.

GRAPHICS (8 / 10)

The graphics for this VR game is impressive and its needed for such a game title. You can feel that you are in Gotham City or in Batman’s secret base in his home.


Batman: Arkham VR is good only as a once in a lifetime VR experience. It has great graphics and audio, but the gameplay and script is poorly done to justify a passable game here. This game will be so much better if it was more well executed in script and gameplay like Batman: Arkham Knight. However, it doesn’t feel like a full game, but rather a demo. The game has received mixed reviews on Steam both positive and negative, with many players criticizing the duration of the game and its passiveness.




Batman: Arkham VR

SteamVR, Oculus Rocksteady Studios 26 April 2017