VR Event Booth Games: Fallout 4 VR Review

A popular RPG and FPS game by Bethesda Studios that has been fully re-coded and ported to VR, Fallout 4. The player being the sole survivor of the underground built Vault 111 must now save his/her son from the people who took him, while also going through the big wasteland left behind on the surface that was bombed with nuclear bombs 210 years ago.

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GAMEPLAY (7 / 10)

Fallout 4 VR is a full VR game re-coded and ported from the original Triple A (AAA) title, Fallout 4. Like the other games in the Fallout franchise, the player must scavenge the surface looking for resources to survive, interact with other survivors (NPCs) and robots, while taking on dangerous missions and mobs to gain experience for him/herself to become a stronger player while searching for his/her stolen son, Shaun. The gameplay is very well done, but the controls and the game (if the player is new to the Fallout Franchise) have a large learning curve and is best suited for regular VR players.

AVG. PLAYTIME (10 / 10)

Fallout 4 has no specific average playtime since it’s a game designed to never end even after reaching the end. Even after completing the game, players can still revisit their saved game file(s) to continue exploring the wasteland, to “completely finish the game”. The only average playtime to count is how long the player is able to stay inside VR. This gives an excellent “average playtime” as there is basically none, unless the player gets bored.

PLAY AREA (8 / 10)

The game only requires standing space. Though, we recommend a minimum of 2m X 2m play space as it requires ample space for swinging the controllers and a bit of room in case you get charged by a monster.

GRAPHICS (10 / 10)

Like the original game Fallout 4, the graphics are fantastic and really makes you feel that you are in that wasteland. This game’s graphics boasts a perfect example of a player really being transported to another world altogether.


Fallout 4 VR truly showcases what VR is capable of with its immense graphics and quality, . However, despite the quality, the game has received mixed reviews on Steam, with most criticism some bugs and the difficulty of using the controllers as well as optimisations on other SteamVR headsets such as the Oculus. Nonetheless, this game is great for anyone who is able to spend several hours in VR in a proper Triple A title game if he/she doesn’t mind the large learning curve.

Fallout 4 VR is a good game to showcase in VR events due to its establishment. However, you will need to find a way to create a scenario to manage time for each player. For arcades, this bring replayability to the game and get them coming back for more!



Fallout 4 VR

SteamVR, Vive, Oculus (ISSUES) Bethesda Studios 12 Dec 2017