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Games for HTC Vive, Oculus, Gear VR, Cardboard, etc.

Kungfu Ping Pong

Kung Fu Ping Pong Game Review

I really love ping pong VR games even though I can’t play ping pong in real life for nuts. Previously I have tried VR Ping Pong, Eleven: Table Tennis, Paddle Up and now here...

Danger Room Game Review

Danger Room is Actually Sane Studio‘s first release on Steam. Actually Sane Studios is a Singapore based indie game studios that focuses on VR game development. Read this article to find out more about...

horror vr singapore

Halloween Horrors: VR Horror Games in Singapore

For some reason, almost all VR games made in Singapore or available in Singapore commercially are horror based. Let’s check out both LUNAR ECLIPSE by KaijuDen which has just launched their kickstarter campaign and google...