Mages Institute of Excellence VR

Mages VR Showcase

Mages Institute of Excellence which is the first school in Singapore who started a VR course recently held a VR showcase at their campus at Orchard Central. This VR Showcase was a strong statement...

Standalone HMD: The future of VR HMD *Update*

Current HMD types that are common are the mobile adaptor type like Samsung Gear VR or PC tethered type like HTC Vive. There is a third type which will be the direction where hardware development...

horror vr singapore

Halloween Horrors: VR Horror Games in Singapore

For some reason, almost all VR games made in Singapore or available in Singapore commercially are horror based. Let’s check out both LUNAR ECLIPSE by KaijuDen which has just launched their kickstarter campaign and google...

hello mars uccvr

UCCVR first daydream app: Hello Mars

What an exciting week for VR! We have Oculus Connect 3 with many amazing stuff announced and we also have Google’s announcement of their Daydream-ready phone Pixel and Pixel XL together with their Daydream...

vr locomotion

Locomotion or Moving Around in VR

One of the most important design considerations for VR is locomotion. In this article, let’s take a look at the different ways of moving around in VR.

unite 2016 singapore

SNEAK PEAK at VR @ Unite Singapore 2016

There are 8 Unite Conferences this year around the world and Singapore happens to be one of the locations this year! As the most popular game engine around that developers use to create normal...