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March 7, 2019

VR Tournament Games: Slightly Heroes Review

SUIT UP - Step into the role of your imaginary, half-baked superhero in this casual…
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February 11, 2019

VR Event Booth Games: Job Simulator Review

A mischief sandbox game of the human (player) “simulating” what jobs were in the early…
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February 10, 2019

VR Event Booth Games: Fruit Ninja VR Review

A VR version of a popular, originally for smartphone/tablet game, Fruit Ninja. Wielding 2 katana…
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February 9, 2019

VR Event Booth Games: CREED: Rise To Glory Review

A boxing game, based on an American Sports Drama Film series “CREED”. You as the…
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batman Arkham VR
January 31, 2019

VR Event Booth Games: Batman Arkham VR Review

An approximate 1 hour full experience of the player being DC Comics’s Batman, investigating criminal…
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FeaturedVR Basics
October 16, 2016

Standalone HMD: The future of VR HMD *Update*

Current HMD types that are common are the mobile adaptor type like Samsung Gear VR…
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VR Basics
February 17, 2016

VR Head Mounted Display Part 1: High-End HMD

Wires Galore! These VR Headsets have the highest quality and are the most expensive. The…
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