VR Ready PC

We really like the IGNITE-VR PC that we build and after getting feedback about how many people like the setup that we did and want us to help them build their very own VR Ready PC, we decided to open up this service to anyone who is looking to build something like what we did in the Part 3 of the 3 Part Series of VR Ready PC.

Below, you will see 2 build versions that we think are very consumer friendly in terms of price and VR Ready specs to play VR games and applications.  Our price are cheaper than what you can find in retail places like Sim Lim Square and we ship directly to you!

If you are game for higher specs for a custom build, indicate what you would like and we will get back to you.

Build Name Basic Build Compact Build
CPU Processor Intel Core i3 – 6100 3.7Ghz Intel Core i3 – 6100 3.7Ghz
Motherboard MSI B150M Motherboard MSI B150I Motherboard
Memory (RAM) 8GB 8GB
Storage (SSD) 240GB 240GB
Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce 970 4GB Nvidia Geforce 970 4GB
Case Mid Tower Case Small Form Factor Case
Power Supply Unit 500W 650W Semi Modular
Operating System Windows 10 Home Edition Windows 10 Home Edition
Additional Accessories DVI to HDMI Converter DVI to HDMI Converter
Price (including installation fee and shipping) $1,299 $1,399

*Note: Date of confirmation to delivery date will take about 15-20 working days as we are not doing this full time and do not have a inventory of parts to build PC to save cost.

**Does not come with mouse, keyboard, monitor or headphones

***Only for Singapore addresses.

Email us at [email protected] let us know what you want and we will contact you to give you more details about the payment (Bank Transfer) and delivery process (Address, Date and Time)!