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We provide VR equipment rentals, event consultation, design and set-up services, as well as technical support and hosting services for Virtual Reality Experience booths and Roadshows. Our services are usually targeted for Singapore events but we have also covered regional ones as well in Malaysia and Thailand.

VR Experience booths make a great addition to any event by providing an eye-catching, high-engagement interaction with your audience by allowing you to visualize 3D designs for presentations, or provide novel entertainment experiences at company & public events.

Singapore Tourism Board VR Roadshow

How It Works


01. Concept

Contact us and we’ll provide consultations to help you conceptualize the best experience for your needs and events. With over 90 events under our belts, we have experience helping clients setup roadshows, presentations, as well as company events.


02. Design

Let us help you design your VR experiences and setups, including stage and booth designs. We will provide guidelines to ensure that all production matters are to specifications, providing you with an integrated solution.


03. Build

Once all the details have been finalized, we can proceed to building and preparing for your event. On the day specified, we will provide logistical and technical support to ensure that your event will run smoothly.

Basic Equipment

We carry a range of carefully curated equipment for rental, including the following –
VR Headsets
    • HTC VIVE
    • Oculus Rift (CV1) 
    • Samsung Gear VR
    • Oculus Go
    • Oculus Quest
    • Nintendo Switch Labo VR ToyCon
VR-Ready Computers
    • Laptops
    • Mini PCs
    • HP Backpack PCs
Other Hardware
  • 40″ TV
  • 50″ TV
  • Mobile TV Stand

A basic event booth VR setup package normally consist of the following:

  1. VR Headset
  2. VR Ready PC/Laptop
  3. 40/50 inch TV and Stand
  4. Delivery, Setup, Tech Support, Booth Facilitation, Teardown and Collection
  5. Commercial Licensed VR software/games

We also provide additional add-ons:

  1. Multiplayer setup
  2. Game/VR experience customization for branding
  3. Early setup
  4. Customized 3D Printed Controllers
  5. Mixed-Reality Green Screen Setup
  6. Extra-sensory Setup

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