Virtual and Augmented

Software Development

Create interactive and immersive training content for your organization with VR and AR technology

Why Ignite VR

At Ignite VR, we believe that the virtual and augmented reality will be a game changer in many aspect of human activities,
and we are committed to being part of this change.
As such, our services are geared towards developing solutions using VR and AR to improve productivity, save costs and allow users to experience impossible or high risk scenarios in a safe virtual environment.

Interaction Design

We have honed our best practices through using state-of-the-art interactive 3D engine to create content for a variety of VR/AR hardware and guiding users in our VR arcade, our event booths and on the platforms we published our games on. We know what works and what will not make you sick.

Enterprise Development

Graduating from NUS Enterprise’s Lean Launchpad Program and also being an Oculus ISV Partner, we understand the process of businesses adopting VR and AR solutions and can address the needs that an organization have to deploy a custom VR/AR solution across their workforce.

 Multiplayer and Analytics

Our experiences enables more than one person to work together at the same time to emulate real world situations where people don’t work alone. We can store information from the experiences on the cloud to enable these data to be analyzed later to track and improve learning.

Our Services

Ignite VR blends its core expertise to provide high quality VR and AR experiences. We have delved into multiple industries, sharing our expertise on how they can adopt VR or AR.

We provide the following services:

VR/AR event booth services,

Mobile/PC/AR/VR development using Unreal Engine 4/Unity3D/Spark AR,

Digital Twins

360 video + virtual tour production,

Virtual production,

Business consultation for adding VR/AR technology to your organization.

Additionally, below are ready-to-customize products that we feel is the most beneficial to our customers.

Virtual Portal

We provide event services centered around our Virtual Portal concept where we use large displays to open a window into a virtual world without needing to wear a VR headset. Using controllers or your body, participants can interact with the virtual characters or object, creating a memorable experience for them. With our expanding library of content and customization options, the Virtual Portal is primed to be the attention grabbing showpiece at your event.

Soft-Skills Conversation Trainer

SCT make use of speech recognition (multi-language support) or mouse/touch interaction to navigate scenarios that may occur in their working or relevant life events and prepare them for it.  Our framework allows companies to quickly create their own custom scenario to use with their employees or customers for training purposes. Both 360 videos and 3d animations are supported in the scenarios. Multi-language support is also available.

MultiVRse Sandbox

A realtime drag and drop application which allows you to create your own VR multiplayer scenario in a free-roaming space. Initially created for a laser tag VR experience, the template that we created was also used in a law enforcement training pilot study and suitable for companies who want to have the flexibility of changing the room setup on the fly as well as the ease of setting up multiplayer networking.

Our Recent Projects


Riding on our expertise in the building and maintaining VR technologies,
we have embarked on a number of projects that incorporate
hardware, software and experience development. 

Find Out More

IgKnight Food Fight

A multiplayer game of throwing food at each other designed for high throughput of 100 players per hour.

IgKnight Golf Defender

Using golf mechanics and magic, defend against demonic invaders by swinging your golfhammer at cannonballs to hit them.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Legal spray painting, without fumes and with multicolors and decals stamping. No VR headset needed!

Golf Mini-Competition

Play golf in VR using a modified golf club for the best haptic experience. Choose either distance or points mode.

Umrah VR Walking Simulation

Walk around the Kaabah in life size to simulate performing the Tawaf ritual in VR. This can help training and familiarization before performing the actual ritual in Mecca.

UNDER THE SEA! For Pediatric Anesthesia

A VR app showing underwater scenery with special gameplay mechanics for distraction therapy during children undergoing anesthesia.

Our Clients

“The game station has indeed enhanced the event experience for our guests.

Saw WeiliCitrix Communications

“Ignite VR delivered an enjoyable and authentic VR experience to the SMU community. Fantastic!”

KennySingapore Management University

“It has been a great pleasure working with IgniteVR again. Thank you for the assistance provided throughout, from the pitching stage all the way to pre event testing and eventually the event execution. We are very happy with the service by both Roy and Moo, for their professional advice and responsive replies to our queries. We will definitely choose to work with them again should there be opportunities.

Wacleus ChinTwist Media

“The team at Ignite VR is professional and passionate. I’m extremely satisfied to invite Ignite VR to our school event. Our students have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for such an amazing VR experience.”

Vanessa LowManjusri Secondary School

“It has truly been my honour to have the opportunity to work with Ignite VR for this event and it was a huge success. The smiles that hang on the faces of the participants is something no money can buy. Thank you so much in bringing the applause. As quoted by my client, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Without everyone, we can’t deliver much over to the presentation.”

Vincent KongElite A.V.E. Productions

General Enquiries

For business enquiries email us at [email protected]

    Core Team

    Our team of 3 are passionate about creating fun useful superpowers in the form of AR and VR. We look at doing things differently to help businesses and people to become better.

    Roy Koo

    Co-Founder | VR Evangelist

    Deep diving into Virtual Reality since 2015, Roy is always exploring new VR concepts as he believes VR has the potential to converge industries.
    Roy currently likes to snowboard but he can only do it once a year in real life, he chases the day where VR can feel like the real thing.

    Mohd Muhaimin

    Co-Founder | Chief of Operations

    Better known as Moo, he's the one that ensures everything runs like clockworks so that he got more time to lepak! Moo was the store manager for our old VR arcade and is now currently managing all events operations.
    Moo happens to be easily prone to motion sickness, so if he can play VR, you can too.

    Mervyn Yee

    Head of VR Development

    Mervyn joined Ignite VR as an intern VR developer 2 years ago when the company first started the game development department and has matured over the years to become the key person in Ignite VR for developing multiplayer and modular VR content. Breakdance is one of Mervyn's past time.