Graffiti art has always been a heavily discussed topic regarding its purpose and place in society and the world. Some view it as vandalism and only that, while others view graffiti as a form of self-expression and a valid art form.

In response, We have decided to

Make Spray Painting Legal

While Making it more Fun & Fumes-Free

We first saw the use of custom spray can controllers done by @masterofshapes and modified the 3D printing for smaller Asian hands and for more economical and faster manufacturing.

The digital graffiti wall uses Virtual Reality technology to track the position of the spray cans. Unlike VR which only let 1 person see inside a headset, this setup allows multiple users to spray paint on the virtual wall in real life at the same time.

Current Software Version 4.0


  • Use 2 digital spray cans simultaneously
  • Press a button on the controller to change between 10 preset colors
  • Press a button on the controller to change to a decal spray
  • Change nozzle size by moving spray can nearer or further
  • Send a customized email with a customized email, subject, body and attach an image of the current wall.
  • Print the current wall using a connected printer
  • Save a wall background preset

Customized Branding Options include:

  • Custom Covers to include a brand logo or tagline that is overlayed on top of the image and cannot be sprayed over or erased.
  • Custom Backgrounds can be added to be sprayed on.

Digital Graffiti Wall

What We Did

UI/UX Design, VR Development, 3D Print Hardware Production

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