IgKnight Food Fight allows up to 4 VR players to throw food at each other in a team based battle mode or in a free-for-all battle mode to see who is the winner of the food fight. Other than your throwing accuracy, players can also use magic spells to gain an advantage over another in the food fight. IgKnight Food Fight brings a fun casual VR experience to people of all ages.

Using IgKnight Food Fight, the VR event booth

is a high throughput, multiplayer, competitive experience

with Haptics and Spectator View

At the IMDA’s Digital Wonderland event in May 2019, around 1500 people tried IgKnight Food Fight, reaching a peak of 110 players per hour over the 2 days.

We designed many features for the game to handle the challenges of operating a VR event booth like: 

  • Multiplayer LAN connectivity (no internet required), 
  • Easy to learn mechanics, 
  • Kids height scaling, 
  • Operator control panel (so the operator can quickly control the game without VR) 
  • Spectator view mode so that just 1 TV is required to watch the food fight unfold. 
  • Efficient physical footprint of 3m by 3m play space for all 4 players 
  • Integration of face haptic device to feel the food hitting your face
  • Different festival themes like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentines, Easter, Halloween was created to cater for events at different times of the year. 

IgKnight Food Fight is currently distributed on the Steam and Viveport consumer store as well as an arcade version on the arcade commercial stores like Viveport Arcade, Steam, Synthesis, Private Label, SpringboardVR as well as using our own licensing system for direct purchases. We had to learn how to manage all the different version of the game for the different platforms as well as test for usage on all the different VR headsets.