In IgKnight Golf Defender, 50 waves of monsters are attacking the guild stronghold. The VR player, who is standing at the top of the gate walls, is armed with a magical golf hammer that can launch cannonball that explodes or magical attacks when it hits the enemy or the ground. This virtual reality game uses a golfing-like physics to create a unique experience. Practise your aim to hit them far away for a higher score as well as utilize the 4 types of magic attacks to efficiently take out different enemy formations. 

Magic+Golf+Tower Defense

Some additional features include an online leaderboard to see how you rank among the IgKnight warriors as well as a custom game editor to create the waves of monsters attacking.

The conception of the IgKnight Golf Defender came about from making the Golf Mini-Competition title for an event and it branched off into this game.

IgKnight Golf Defender is launched on the Steam and Oculus Platform.