Based in Singapore

Founding date:
January 1, 2016


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]




+65 86880490


IGNITE VR is a Virtual Reality Company that aspires to spread awareness about this new medium of communication.


Our Story

IGNITE VR was started by Roy Koo as a niche blog about Virtual Reality to provide event coverage, content reviews and general information. Over the year, IGNITE VR expanded to cover, participate and organize many VR related meetups, devtalks, roadshows, bootcamp, and demos. Through combined efforts with many local and regional partners, our local developers and enthusiasts were kept up-to-date with the latest VR development.

Our Breakthrough

IGNITE VR Arcade was opened from the 2 December 2016 to 24 May 2017 at Marina Square Shopping Mall to provide a physical VR place that is centrally located and provides access to VR experiences at affordable rates. We achieved our goal of jumpstart awareness of Virtual Reality in Singapore and are happy to say that at least 5000 people tried VR at our arcade during these short 6 months and even more people have seen VR in action as they walk pass our full length glass windows. We were the first to open in Singapore and that gave us and VR a lot of exposure in newspaper coverage (The Straits Time, The New Paper), magazines (ANZA Magazine), radio (987FM), as well as online media coverage (Youth.sg, Akiba Press, Mothership, The Culture Trip, VR-Zone, Forbes). Currently we are conceptualizing our next VR Arcade, intending to make it bigger and better.

Our 3 focus

Events, Education and Entertainment in Virtual Reality are the 3 focus of IGNITE VR.

Selected Articles

  • "Kind of a Fruit Ninja type of game but with dodging and various weapons and abilities."
    - Anonymous, VR Games For
  • "...this is the first space of its kind to open up in Singapore."
    - Tom Oliver, VR-Zone
  • "Virtual reality arcade a reality in Singapore"
    - Ronald Loh, The New Paper
  • "A Guide to Singapore's First Ever Virtual Reality Arcade"
    - Prianka Ghosh, The Culture Trip
  • "S'pore's first-ever VR arcade lets you paint in 3D, play all sorts of crazy VR games"
    - Guan Zhen Tan, Mothership
  • "This Is Where You'll Find Some Of The Most Cutting Edge VR Arcades In Asia"
    - Lionel Chok, Forbes
  • "VR fun: Two arcades immerse people in virtual-reality games"
    - Gurveen Kaur, The Straits Times
  • "Tech a look at this"
    - Gerard Ward, ANZA Magazine