Virtual Reality is a really amazing technology but it is still a relatively new one compared to traditional medium like radio, newspaper, TV, and websites. It also requires a different mindset of using VR compared to other mediums so we always think of what VR can do that the other mediums cannot.

There are many use cases like education, entertainment, healthcare, marketing, retail, fitness, etc. that seem promising for this immersive medium but generally everyone is still trying to figure out how VR can work for these use cases.

At Ignite VR, we are not a production studios as we run on a lean team size so we cannot help people with the production of VR content that is heavy on 3D modelling and programming.

However we are very willing to create prototypes of VR experiences. This serves as a proof of concept to experiment with the use case of your idea to see how effective it is. We believe that before production of the full VR content which is very costly and lengthy (around $30k to $100k for a 3 month to 6 month project), companies should consider doing a small proof of concept first.

We have skills in VR development using Unity3D and Unreal Engine to create fast examples of how your idea may work. An example of our work is an underwater VR app that we created with a group of NUH doctors that won first prize for a Health Innovation Tech Challenge.

Our specialty is in creating custom 3D printed motion tracked objects or controllers that enhances immersiveness by being able to feel the virtual object. Some projects that we worked on are a golf club controller and a spray can controller.

Multiplayer warehouse scale VR experience is next in our pipeline to create enterprise training simulations where the users can interact with each other in VR and also explore the training area without tethered to wires.

Currently located at the AR/VR lab at Pixel Studios, so feel free to book an appointment with us to discuss more about making your ideas come true. Contact us at [email protected]